Mover of UN
Development Goals

In EeHSSE, we believe sustainable development is the way forward and we pledge to be the moverof UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Over the years, we had actively participated insustainability and SDG-related forums and initiatives, in addition to the environmental and sustainability services we supported our clients in their sustainability journey.

EeHSSE is committed to promoting a sustainable living environment, to safe and healthy working environments, and to preserve and protect the environment. While conducting our business activities, we are conscious of our responsibility to create, maintain and ensure a clean environment, and reduce health and safety hazards through application of cutting-edge technology and safe work practices.

EeHSSE is committed to providing clients with high Quality and value-added environment, health, risk and safety (EHS) consulting services.

  • Quality means understanding and meeting or exceeding the requirements of Clients and projects, and the quality management and other systems that support us every time.
  • Value-added services include a commitment to be aware of the immediate needs of our Clients and to anticipate their future EHS needs.

We strive to continually provide services that fulfil and exceed Client expectations.

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