Aug 2020 - ICOP on Chem. Classification & Haz. Comm. (Amd.) 2019 Part 1

Industry Code of Practice on Chemicals Classification and Hazard Communication (Amendment) 2019 Part 1


The Industry Code of Practice on Chemicals Classification and Hazard Communication 2014 (ICOP CHC 2014) [gazetted on 16th Apr 2014 as P.U.(B) 128] was published as a guidance to chemical suppliers to comply with the provisions of Occupational Safety and Health (Classification, Labelling and Safety Data Sheet of Hazardous Chemicals) Regulations 2013 [gazetted on 11th Oct 2013 as P.U. (A) 310/2013] (the Regulations).  This is consistent with Malaysia’s commitment in implementing the Globally Harmonised System for Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) for industrial workplace sector especially in supplying chemicals for use at work in Malaysia.
The ICOP CHC 2019 was promulgated to further support chemical suppliers to comply with the provisions of Part II of the Regulations (i.e. Sub-regulation 4(1)). This amended ICOP contains a list of chemical substances that have been classified which include previous and new classified chemicals. The classification of previous classified chemicals had been reviewed based on the current available information and data.  The classified chemicals list will be updated from time to time.

Review/ Q&A

What are the key changes in ICOP CHC 2019?

ICOP CHC 2019 revised the list of GHS classified chemicals contained in Part 1 of ICOP 2014 from 229 chemicals to 662 chemicals. It revised classification for 40 chemicals and included additional of 393 new chemicals. 

Any specific requirements specified in ICOP CHC 2019?

  • The classification specified in the list, is a minimum classification for the chemicals. If the principal supplier has data or other information that lead to classification of additional hazard class or more severe category compared to the minimum classification, the principal supplier may classify accordingly.
  • The principal supplier shall submit to Director General the relevant information and data to support the exclusion of any hazard class or classification of less severe category compared to minimum classification specified.
  • The hazard classification for each chemical is specified under column Classification. Under column Labelling, the hazard statement code (H-code), signal word, and hazard pictogram for each chemical have been determined accordingly, and which the supplier is required to put on the labels for hazardous chemicals.
  • For full list of H-codes and corresponding hazard statements refer to Appendix 3.1 of ICOP CHC 2014. 
Is the Industry Code of Practice (ICOP) legally binding?

Yes.  This ICOP promulgated under Section 37 of OSHA 1994, is a legally bound document to fulfil the requirements under the Regulations.
What is the enforcement timeline for the ICOP?

  • From 12th Dec 2019 to 31st Dec 2020 – chemical supplier shall use Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 of ICOP CHC 2014 and Part 1 ICOP CHC 2019 (optional)
  • 1st Jan 2021 onwards – chemical supplier shall use Part 1 ICOP CHC 2019 and it must be read together with Parts 2, 3 & 4 of ICOP CHC 2014
  • Parts 2, 3 & 4 of ICOP CHC 2014 are still in force and no amendment until further notice by DOSH 

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