GHG Reduction, Net Zero and Carbon Neutrality

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GHG Reduction, Net Zero and Carbon Neutrality  ESG & Sustainability

EeHSSE is uniquely positioned to offer net zero and caron neutrality support.  Our solutions are backed by science-based evidence and detailed scientific and engineering understanding in decoding possible emission reduction options.

For Nature-based Solution (NbS), we are uniquely positioned with the capabilities to measure, monitor and quantify carbon stock for reforestation or afforestation-related nature-based solutions (NbS) with our panel of NbS specialists comprises of forest scientists, certified arborist, forest legal specialist, social scientist and forest Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) specialists. 

For Technology-based solutions, we draw on our technical and process engineering team comprises of process engineer, mechanical & electrical engineer and solar energy system engineers, to support us on various emission reduction feasibility studies and technical evaluations and provide emission reduction solutions leading towards carbon neutrality or net zero.

In addition, we tap into our affiliates comprises of fully-qualified renewable energy experts who have in-depth understanding of renewal energy technologies, especially solar and biomass; and building energy specialist who has extensive experience in design and build experience in building energy system specializing in cooling and heating elements.   Understanding

Combing all our expertise, we offer an unprecedented solutions to achieving carbon neutrality or net zero for our clients.
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